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Samhain Rituals on the Hill of Tara -  2010

Samhain Ritual On The Hill of Tara at 6.00pm on Sunday Oct 31st 2010

The purpose of Ritual is to:
  • To initiate the season of Samhain (Wintertime) which is ruled by the Cailleach form of the Feminine energy. This is the energy that brings death to all those outmoded ideas, and ways of living that no longer serve us. The Cailleach energy prepares us for rebirth and new life when the winter time is over.
  • To support each of us to recover our connection with our own souls and with the soul of Ireland so that we can reclaim our sovereignty and be empowered in the challenging times ahead.
  • We believe that this ritual will create a container for the important spiritual work that must be done in Ireland and so heal the wounds and those ancestral patterns that keep us stuck in disempowerment and victimhood.
  • So join us this Samhain and be part of Dreaming a New Dream for Ireland

Dress Warm and bring a torch.

If you can’t join us light a candle and connect.

For further details: or

Dolores Whelan - Phone 042 9371901
Martin Dier - phone 086 3375837
Nora Judge - phone 085 1261154

Sunday 7th November

Journey to the sovereign self - Sunday 7 November 2010 @ 8pm - Hill of Tara - meet at the gate

Samhain may seem like an odd place to start a calendar but, the Celtic and pre-Celtic people believed that the night preceded the day, the day was birthed out of darkness just as we were all birthed out of the dark womb.

To honour this time of new beginnings we will be holding a celebration rich in myth, symbolism and ritual to help us connect with and be part of the rhythm of Nature.

The theme of the celebration is new beginnings on the path, the journey towards the sovereign self. That means taking the next (first) step to becoming your divine ideal, the next grandest version of who you are, your divine sovereign self.

This year we will be celebrating in the Banqueting Hall which in effect is the birth canal on Tara. Four people will come from the four quarters to light the sacred fire (archaeologists, this will be up off the ground!) and we will be making affirmative statements to encourage people on their Journey. The journey then begins with passing through a magical doorway that only one person will ever pass through. When you have done this the doorway is ritually destroyed, a powerful statement that you have embarked on your chosen journey, no one else can walk this path as it is your path, your life.

Part of the ritual of Kingship at Tara was the king taking a cloak that would magically fit him. We will honour your sovereignty, your divine essence by placing a cloak of sovereignty on your shoulders and recognising the bigger version of self.

Becoming a sovereign self affords us an opportunity to try a new way of life, to emulate traits you find desirable in someone inspirational, become someone new, become the next grander version of your self and it need not be a gravitas task, so make sure to bring your sense of humour!

There will as usual be an open heart contribution section where we invite you to share with us a prayer, a song, an inspirational quotation, a poem or verse or a blessing.

We will finish with some food and warm drink.

If you intend coming bring strong shoes, warm coat, gloves, torch candle in a jar, drums or other musical instrument and although a sense of humour is optional it is highly recommended you bring one and if you haven’t got one beg, borrow or steal one!

Also included will be a simple medieval stick dance and an energetic “higher self” dance.

Brightest blessings, love, light, laughter, joy, peace, fortunate blessings, friendship, strength, auspicious days, music, passion, inspiration, luck, fortune, abundance, wealth, happiness, stability, sovereignty, healing, excitement, music, majestic splendour, peace, gentleness, strength, guidance, wisdom, brilliance.

For further details:

Tara Aerial The Hill of Tara

Much of the wisdom of the pre-Celtic and Celtic tradition is held within the yearly calendar with its eight festivals marking the important transition times and energies within the year: Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltaine Summer Solstice, Lughnasad and Autumn Equinox. Samhain which marks the beginning of the year is the most significant festival in the year. Samhain is the gateway into the dark half of the year and the season of winter from where new life will emerge in springtime.

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