An Cailleach

An Cailleach

From the earliest times, the Cailleach has been venerated as a mother Goddess of Ireland. In this painting, she is seen in her ancient cairn on Slieve Gullion, in County Armagh. On the horizon can be seen the cairn topped hills of Slieve na Cailleach, at Loughcrew, Oldcastle, County Meath, which are also named in honor of her.

Sharing the top of the mountain close to the cairn is the magical Lake of All Healing. Around her cairn walls are glyphs both ancient and modern, depicting both the glory and destruction of nature. Aroused by the needless desecration of her primal landscape, she cautions against the folly of the proposed power lines through counties Sligo and Roscommon.

Painting from Art through the Eyes of the Soul by Cheryl Rose-Hall.

There are 120 color photos and 60 color paintings and their stories. Some of the highlights include The real portrait of Mary painted by St. Luke, the actual Kingdom of Narnia, and the rarely seen ancient Lemurian petroglyphs near Mount Shasta documented by archeologists.  More ...

Throughout Ireland between 6000 and 3000 BCE, the indigenous people developed a sophisticated megalithic culture that built chambered cairns, stone circles, dolmens, and standing stones - recording and encapsulating the movements of the heavens.

These monuments had for many years been presumed to be only burial sites and are referred to as "tombs." Sadly, in archaeological texts, the "tomb-theory" has held sway. Since the discovery of Newgrange 300 years ago, there has been a continuous school of thought suggesting that the enigmatic chambered cairns are in fact Temples; designed for continuous use rather than mere tombs for the dead.

With the discovery in 1980 of the equinox sun shining down the passageway of Cairn T in Loughcrew, and further discoveries in Dowth and Knowth, published in Martin Brennan's, The Stones of Time many hoped the incorrect and outdated tomb label would fall away and be replaced with a more accurate and less demeaning title, such as "Temples of the Ancestors."

In and around the chambered cairns, light beams and shadows interplay with the ancient glyphs highlighting key astronomical events. The glyphs depict the cycles of the heavens, including the 19-year lunar "Metonic cycle," thousands of years before Meton! The cruciform chambers depict the ground plan blueprint for later cathedrals and churches. In these ritual sacred Temples, the ancestors conjoined with heaven and earth peacefully for thousands of years.

Tradition dictates that it is most unwise to cut or interfere with a "Faery Hawthorn tree." Workmen and planners generally go to great lengths to avoid harming one. Roads and factories have been diverted so as not to interfere with a lone Faery tree.

I was not prepared for the "shock" when the power company deliberately cut the Faery thorn tree we had been trying to save. I returned home and penned the "Lament of the Faery Tree of Ballysummaghan." We despaired at the insensitivity and foolishness of not just the power company but also the political and corporate "values" - "politricks and crapitolism" - that had lost contact with decency and the national interest, by building huge power lines through the ancient sacred ritual landscape. The pylons were unnecessary and extraordinarily damaging and wasteful. Indeed this was in 2004 and unfortunately there was plenty more abuse and negligence on the way, enough to virtually banjax the country, turning a bonanza into a financial quagmire.

What I did not foresee was that shortly after this act, I would pull up my own deep roots from this beautiful land. I was cast upon a voyage as wondrous and magical as many of the historical epics and indeed the paintings and images in this, Cheryl's long awaited book.


Art through the Eyes of the Soul

Art through the Eyes of the SoulIn Art through the Eyes of the Soul Cheryl Rose-Hall shares the unique painting technique that she has developed. As a sensitive, she shares how she paints by attuning to her subjects through the eyes and spirals out from that central point. Using historical data along with her psychic impressions, she creates empowered works of art based on sacred sites and their mythology.

Cheryl is a portrait painter, visionary artist, and researcher. Using historical data along with her psychic impressions, she creates empowered works of art based on sacred sites and their mythology, creating a new genre Neo-Mythic Art®.  More ...

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