Glyph sculpture by Sally McKenna

Glyph sculpture by Sally McKenna

At the Glore Mill Art Centre we have been working in the sculpture and labyrinth gardens making signs for all the paths so that visitors can find their way around better. Ray Cooper has built four labyrinths with entrances facing each other to form a central platform of stone. Visitors begin by standing there first and breathe deeply before moving into the circular path of the labyrinth.

At each main seasonal point around the large enclosing stone circle, made by my husband, is a sculpture that I have welded. At the Equinox point is a sculpture called Glyph that I made in 1976. Little did I know then that it would travel to Ireland and stand at the half way point of balance between light and dark.

The sculpture is painted in red and gold and is intersected like the day of the Equinox into equal parts. It is a time of balance and in Ireland the day often has an eerie quality of calm. Mark the sun rise and it will be exactly 12 hours to the sunset. For the rest of the year the coming months will be a time to welcome souls at Samhain, then to move on to the Winter solstice, an ancient time for burying the dead at the Newgrange tumulus in Meath.

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