The Bull of Newgrange - References

Newgrange Sundisc
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    There is also an interesting story in his book that connects the construction of water-spirals of Nasca ('puquios') with the death of priests in Cahuachi, by a 'fearfull sword from heaven'. The sword can be considered a metaphor of Comet Halley as, from my research, Nasca is related to the returns of Comet Halley.

  4. Földes-Papp, Károly. Vom Felsbild zum Alphabet. Die Geschichte der Schrift. On the front cover there is a picture probably showing the tails of a moving comet related to the images of bulls and a horse. The long hairy tail of a horse can be considered a metaphor of Halley's Comet for, of course, another name of comet is 'tail'-star. Because of the unknown nature of comets it becomes logic people picked a metaphor related to their environment. The Greek word 'Kometes' is also related to 'hair' as it has been explained of 'Hair of the dead'. Combs have in many occasions been used as grave goods even when the (beheaded) 'person' either male or female had lost his head? This practise can, in my opinion only be explained, when we consider the comb as a gift for the King of Heaven: the 'Hairy' comet, and not for the victim itself.

Background reading


  1. On the possible discovery of the precessional effects in ancient astronomy (.pdf)

  2. Lacerta - Keep in mind that the stars also mark the outline of a snake (a known metaphor of Halley's Comet) and is of course also a reptile.

  3. Comet

  4. Comet Halley

  5. Halley's Comet: AD 1986 to 2647 BC by Joseph L. Brady (1982)

Ancient sites:

  1. Lascaux Cave.

  2. Nazca Lines.


  1. Aurochs.


  1. Nacer.

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