Knowth - Secrets from the grave

Photographs: David Sleator, The Irish Times 2008

Prof. George Eogan at Knowth
Prof. George Eogan at Knowth World Heritage Site

Knowth Satellite Mounds
Knowth Satellite Mounds

Knowth Satellite Mounds
Knowth Satellite Mounds

Knowth Kerbstone
Knowth Kerbstone |One of 127 large stones that encircle the base of the mound

Nearly 50 years ago, archaeologists began excavating at Knowth and the site has yet to give up all its secrets. 'The first day we went in, we went up the passage. When we got in towards the end, the passage became difficult, but there seemed to be a void at the top and I crawled up with a flashlight and walked until I came to the end of the passage. I flashed the lamp around and saw this massive void. Main Article...

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