Macha One of the inspirations to create Cheryl's Neo-Mythic Art® came from observing the misuse of myth in the murals in Belfast. The paramilitaries used the ancient Irish heroes to glorify the loyalist terrorists. These are visible signs of sectarianism, very bloody and graphic, having the desired effect on young people, as powerful imagery will. So Cheryl decided to create a positive influence to counter them. As a Rosicrucian, she was taught that sending the opposite polarity to something will neutralize it and bring harmony. So she started painting.

Some of the murals used the legendary Irish hero Cu Chulainn, whose original name was Setanta. In self defense, he killed the chief Chulainn's favorite guard dog with a hurley ball. In recompense, Setanta offered Chulainn his services as a replacement for the dog. He then became known as Cu Chulainn, or "hound of Cullen."

In the painting The Return of Setanta (right), he has come back as a more evolved hero and eco-warrior, having made peace with the dog who is now his shamanic friend. He has returned to protect the ancient centre of Tara and Lia Fail (the Stone of Destiny) from the motorway that is currently cutting through the sacred landscape.

Just as in the legend, lightning comes out of his hair. The glyphs in the rock below his feet show an ancient Celtic warrior pointing his spear at the digger to protect the treasures of Ireland. This is the Neo-Mythic' aspect to the story, showing the possible future history carved in stone. After years of painting these images, Cheryl read that the Shankhill / Newtownards murals are being painted over and replaced with more positive messages!

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Art through the Eyes of the Soul

Art through the Eyes of the Soul

In Art through the Eyes of the Soul Cheryl Rose-Hall shares the unique painting technique that she has developed. As a sensitive, she shares how she paints by attuning to her subjects through the eyes and spirals out from that central point. Using historical data along with her psychic impressions, she creates empowered works of art based on sacred sites and their mythology.

Cheryl is a portrait painter, visionary artist, and researcher. Using historical data along with her psychic impressions, she creates empowered works of art based on sacred sites and their mythology, creating a new genre Neo-Mythic Art®.  More ...
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Infusing Spirit into Matter

The purpose of Visionary Art is to bring back high ideals from the subtler realms and manifest them on the physical plane. The artist, as a vehicle, must be able to move between worlds consciously and retain as accurately as possible that which is to be infused into matter.

The major difference between a vision and an idea is very plain: An idea you build on and evolve, while a vision comes through whole and complete - IT ALREADY EXISTS. Cheryl uses high frequency colors selectively, as she is trying to create a pathway from the mundane consciousness level, or that which is familiar, to an etheric level. She does not wish to bombard all the senses at once to overwhelm or to leave the viewer with nothing to do but look. She likes to think her paintings are an interactive experience and the viewer will find the path and cross the bridge using what is relative to each one individually. Using a realistic palette to begin with creates a departure point where the transition can be made smoothly to the higher realms and the subtler energies that lift the spirit and heal. She tries to synthesize the levels in the painting as in life, where the psychic body and physical body are fused.

Because of questioning over the years of where the visions come from and how they happen, she began to do research, collect data, and really look at the process. This is her understanding of what happens: When permitted to speak, the subconscious mind speaks in its own language of symbols and archetypes. These in turn possess an esoteric language or code that we have to decipher to unlock. Where words restrict, symbols do not. The subconscious is not separated from Source, so its wisdom and knowledge is unlimited. The archetype you receive could be a thought form from Source that is to become manifest. The symbol that emerges is a living thing - pregnant with meaning. That is why symbols were painted on, or carved into, Temple walls. They were known to act as a catalyst to the brain, awakening ideas or realizations that may have lain dormant for several incarnations, or sowing seeds to unfold in future incarnations. These meanings may be impersonal, personal, guidance, but do require contemplation on our part. Cheryl thinks the change from lucid dream to conscious vision is a natural progression that happens with time to increase clarity.

Sometimes in the darkness, you can see light blue lights floating or darting around the room. This can be called Spirit essence, which radiates throughout space from Source. This is an ethereal essence so high in vibration that it does not form atoms

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Boyne Valley Tours Pick up and return to your accommodation or cruise ship. Suggested day tour: Newgrange World Heritage site, 10th century High Crosses at Monasterboice, Hill of Tara the seat of the High Kings of Ireland and the Hill of Slane where St. Patrick let a Paschal fire in 433  More ...