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Martin Brennan 2007
Martin Brennan 2007

The Stars and the Stones
"The Stars and the Stones" available as "The Stones of Time"
The Stonelight archive is based around the pioneering research of Martin Brennan, Toby Hall and Jack Roberts.

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The Stonelight Team

The core group of Stonelight from the mid seventies is Martin Brennan, Toby Hall and Jack Roberts. The starting point of the work is the ongoing piecing together of the function and purpose of the Irish Megalithic culture. Many people have assisted over the years. Our initial feeling was that the chambered cairns of Ireland, were much more than the 'tombs' they were and incredibly still are usually labelled as.

Despite constant references to wider and more uplifting functions from Ancient writings, through Borlase, AE, John Michael and many others, there remains a strange resistance to a multidisciplinary evaluation of their possible purpose.

In the early seventies Martin moved from Maya studies in Mexico to Japan, after some years in Japan where he had gained a black belt in Aikido, his teacher advised him to return to Ireland the land of his ancestors and to study the ancient megalithic culture. These researches led to his first book The Boyne Valley Vision, in which he advanced the groundwork that the messages inscribed on the kerbstones of the great Chambered Cairns, was astronomical in nature.

In this and his subsequent book The Stones of Time (Stars and the Stones, Art and Astronomy in ancient Ireland) Martin further advanced the astronomical achievements of the culture by revealing a series of sun and shadow sequences in the cairns at key times. The most spectacular being the sun crossing the glyphs on the backstone of Cairn T, Loughcrew during the equinoxes .

Other aspects of the cairns and culture have intrigued Stonelight folk and researchers from various disciplines, many adding to our knowledge of their purpose / function and often also their enigma! Verily they are the 'The Temples of the Ancestors', and to deliberately denigrate them is both inauspicious and unwise. Stonelight is dedicated to furtherance of our understanding of this heritage in both the fields of science and spirituality.

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