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Martin Brennan 2007
Martin Brennan 2007
Garret has eye on Dump ­ Joan 16/3/83

Objectors to a plan by Sligo Country Council to dump rubbish in the middle of the Carrowmore Stone Age cemetery have received a personal message of support from the Taoiseach's wife; Mrs Joan FitzGerald asked to see the Carrowmore Cemetery while campaigning in Sligo during the last election.

She wrote last week to the Carrowmore Anti-Dump Committee. "I was very upset to hear about the proposal to place a dump beside this Megalithic cemetery about whose discovery I heard with such excitement some time ago.

"I have spoken to Garret about it and he tells me that he has made inquiries with the Minster for the Environment concerning this proposed dump asking him for a report on all the circumstances surrounding it. He has also taken up the matter with the Minster of State in charge of Public Works where the National Parks and Monument Branch are, I believe, very concerned about the proposal."

Mrs FitzGerald's letter added: "You can be assured of my continuing interest ­ and Garret's ­ in this matter." She expressed the hope that the whole matter would be sorted out satisfactorily.

A special meeting of Sligo Country Council called by councillors who wished to scrape the dump plan was adjourned on Monday due to the death of the former Fianna Fall TD, Mr James Gallagher. It will reconvene in a fortnight. In the meantime, a ban on dumping at the proposed site remains in force.

Heritage to share
Sir, at least Etienne Rynne (letters, June 25th) agrees with me that leadership is necessary to remove from their present obscurity the thousands of undisplayed artefacts which represent an important elements of our cultural heritage.

He contends that "elitists" were responsible for setting up regional museums in his part of the country. In my part of the country, Enniscorthy museum was set by local people deeply interested in our heritage and not by graduates in archaeology.

This is a secure and extremely well run museum which on voluntary effort and suffers no lack of professionalism because of that. People like Etienne Rynne ask what successive governments have done to fund local museums. The answer is very little, but as in Enniscorthy, perhaps given access to their own local heritage currently locked up in Dangain, self ­ financing museums directed and staffed by local and committed people could prove a successful alternative to government indifferences.

But has Etienne Rynne, with his backed ground and expertise, ever through of joining with other interested individuals of like mind to push at Mr Haughey's door, which could just be that, much more open than his predecessor.

In answer to Mr Rynne's jibe ­ what have I done to match his efforts on behalf of local museums I have initiated this correspondence which, if the "elitists" are willing to coordinate effort with the "laymen", could lead to the outcome we all seek.

Incidentally, I did obtain for the Department of Archaeology in UCD a very substantial funding from another "layman" for a four-year study of the Royal Site of Cruachan in Co Roscommon, which has already produced some very interesting information.

If all of us who are interested in unearthing and disseminating the greatest amount of knowledge of Ireland's past use channels and contacts available to us, we could together, manage to move the hitherto unmovable. ­ Yours, etc.,

Declan Mac Partlin,
Baylands Stud,
Co Wexford.

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