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Martin Brennan 2007
Martin Brennan 2007  
Boyne Valley

Sir,- I was surprised by the lack of Interest shown by The Irish Times (December 22nd) on the fascinating subject and great significance of Martin Brennan's research work into the Boyne Valley edifices.

To state that it is of little significance to the man or woman in the street whether these are primarily burial mounds or astronomical construction is surely to underestimate people's interest in our ancient heritage.

Martin Brennan has effectively through his research and book The Boyne Valley Vision, revealed that these 'relics/tombs' are in fact the oldest (3,200 B.C.) known operative sun dialing system in the world.

In so doing, the mounds and stones can now be seen in their intended light as an astronomical calendar at least, rather than a continuing archaeological enigma. -Yours etc.,

Toby Hall
The Potato House,

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