Newgrange Tri-Spiral

Newgrange Tri-Sprial

The Tri-Spiral design engraved on one of the stones inside the chamber of Newgrange is probably the most famous Irish Megalithic symbol. It is often referred to as a Celtic design, but it was carved at least 2500 years before the Celts reached Ireland. At 12 inches in diameter the tri-spiral design is relatively small in size, less than one-third the size of the tri-spiral design on the entrance stone.

Prof. Michael J. O’Kelly who excavated and restored Newgrange between 1962 and 1975, referred to the design as a Three-Spiral symbol. In his book Newgrange - Archaeology, Art and Legend, he states that there was a belief in the neighbourhood that the rising sun, used to light up the three-spiral stone in the end recess of the chamber. Since Newgrange faces southeast, Prof. O'Kelly decided to investigate the Winter Solstice sunrise.

Newgrange Interior
Newgrange Chamber showing the famous Tri-Spiral engraving.

Newgrange - Aerial View
Newgrange by the Photographic Unit of the Dept. of Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

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